Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New design coming soon... ^o^

I've got a new design coming people. Its called B.O.B. For the people who already know what B.O.B. means,that's not what it means. No, not bi..."watch yo mouth!" on business. It stands for Battery Operated Boyfriend. I know some of you females have some battery operated boyfriends in your drawers, lmao. But naw, its not going to be like that though. Real gentlemen like... Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind To Madness

Mind to Madness, nothing much to it. Just Chop going berserk on a brain... The mind (brain) is in madness (Chop). Hmmm, I think Chop need some friends. Next design coming up... "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Devious Minds Clothes

Here are some clothes that have the Devious Minds designs on them. There's the Devious
Minds shoes and jeans. The jeans were painted with acrylic frabic paint. Soon they'll be professionally done by a printmaking machine... maybe silkthreading. The shoes were colored by fabric markers. Khing is about to kill the clothing game. Comments please, tell me how you like the designs. I would like some feedback.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blow me a Kiss

Anti-Cupid again, blowing out his interpretation of love... It might hurt.


So this is the graffiti side of Devious Minds. Its just a myriad of things. The robot in the middle, you will be seeing more of. That's R-Box the D-Bot. That's short for Robot Boxer the Doom Robot. You can see how friendly it is with the big laser eye beam its shooting out. There's a bunch of other random stuff I threw in there. Its quite difficult to randomly add things into piece without first having the whole idea in your mind already. Great use of color.

Mind Power

Here we are. Power to the mind, power to brains, etc. This is one of my catchy brain phrases I'm really proud of myself for this design. It may not seem like much if I told you the steps, but walk a mile in my shoes. Many more brain phrases coming up :).

1000 Heartbreaks

Like a stroke of evil genius. I knew I had to show more of Anti-Cupid. Here he is with his most popular heartbreaking arrow, 1000 heartbreaks. It takes the love out of anyone in its radius of where it strikes. This little devil, always so naughty.

Anti-Cupid... Cupid just met his Bizarro

Ah Anti-Cupid. Everyone feels your presence when they have no one to spend that special day with. Enough of with the intro. Yeah this Anti-Cupid. No, I wasn't heartbroken or lonely when I came up with this design. Someone had to put Cupid in his place. Check out Anti-Cupid's tattoo. He's even got his own little symbol too on his loin cloth. Notice the arrow he shoots with is a broken heart. That's beast!

Screaming Demon

Okay, now before the world flips out and say, "Oh my God, he's a devil worshiper!!!" Analyze the picture for a second... Do you see? Yes yes, he's screaming because of a cross. Gotta take it to the extreme, push the envelope, know what I mean? All of the colors take your eyes on a roller coaster ride.

Meet Chop

This is my guy Chop. He was my first design I ever came up with. He went through many changes. It was first part of a pic where i exaggerated my friends looks. Chop was me. I liked it so much it became a symbol of its own. He is the secondary logo for Devious Minds. His design will soon be on t-shirts and jeans.

Hello World

Welcome to the Devious Mind of Khing Kwon. This is my first and never ending blog that leads to success and stardom.

What is Devious Minds you ask?

Devious Minds is a clothing designer label that focuses on the opposite of peace and tranquility and more of the thrill seeking side of the psyche. The T-shirts designs consist of brain phrases, Chop (you'll see much of him), graffiti, and just plain CHAOS :).